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Theorica Holdings Ltd was established in London (UK) to invest in private equity and alternative assets

Private Equity

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About us


Fast decision making

We give candid feedback early on if we believe other investors are a better fit and we move swiftly to agree terms, conduct due diligence and complete the investment, when we are a good match


High structuring flexibility

We devote time to understand motivation and objectives of the entrepreneurs/owners and can structure a deal which is tailored to their needs


Long-term perspective

Unlike in private equity funds with a finite life, our strategic decisions are never driven by considerations unrelated to the deal itself, like selling a company because the fund is coming to an end


Alignment of interests

As we invest our own capital, there is complete symmetry of interests with the entrepreneur


Integrity in business and outside

We live by the motto “My word is my bond” and we believe in building a reputation for trust with entrepreneurs and in the financial community



We are committed to improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, particularly through education and advancement in gender balance. We support the INSEAD Fund and its Alumni Balance in Business initiative



Nicola Pedroni has more than two decades of experience in evaluating investment opportunities. Prior to establishing the company, he held various positions in investment banking, private equity and equity trading at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Tribeca (Citi) and CQS.

Nicola is an Italian Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (summa cum laude) from Bocconi University, a CEMS Master from HEC Paris and an MBA (Distinction) from INSEAD. He speaks Italian, English and French

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